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Information for newly arrived pre-school and school pupils.

Children from ages 3-5 are entitled to attend pre-school for 15 hours a week.

In Mellerud teaching is available for all. There are preparatory Swedish classes for children and adults arriving in the country. These classes will give the pupils sufficient knowledge of Swedish to be able to continue in established classes as soon as possible.


  • For children between 3-5 years
    Jessica Linder 0530-181 17
  • For children between 6 –16 years
    Head of school - Lena Andrén-Persson 0530-182 26
  • For 6th form (16-19 years)
    Head of school - Matti Bertilsson 0530-182 85

  • For further information
    Eva Gerden 070-536 54 77



Lena Andrén-Persson 
Phone: 0530-182 26

Eva Gerdén
Phone: 070-536 54 77

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