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Welcome to Mellerud

This section is especially created with those who are considering moving here in mind. The information is an extended and updated version of that printed in the leaflet "Mellerud - A Place for You".

If you want more information about Mellerud, either if you are thinking of moving here or just paying us a visit as a tourist, please contact the information service at Medborgarkontoret (our front office). They can answer your questions and provide you with more material.
Telephone: +46 530 189 00


More about Mellerud

Mellerud is a municipality in the west of Sweden, 130 kilometres north of Gothenburg, on the west coast of Lake Vänern.

Mellerud is something of miniature Sweden. In the east the coast line and Lake Vänern. In the west our mountain Kroppefjäll. In the south the agricultural district and the windmills. In the north the lakes, the forests and Dalslands Canal.

There are about 9,000 people in the municipality. Almost 4,000 of them live in the town of Mellerud, another 900 in Dals Rostock and almost as many in Åsensbruk/Bränna. The rest lives in the smaller villages or in the countryside.


Each year about 250,000 people visit Håverud in the north of Mellerud.

Bolstad kyrka exteriör 1.jpg

The church in Bolstad is the oldest in Dalsland, dating from the 12th century.


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